Library Catalogue and others

Library Catalogue: One can find publications, magazines, newspapers, articles, cartographic documents, music, audio documents and videos in the on-line library catalogue, which is available at the following address: Looking up and lending of documents There are 80 000 books available in the open access, all sorted by scientific subjects. Other documents are stored in library stocks. These can be looked up by key words and operators; another option is an advanced search.

Applications and reservations You can book documents located in the library stocks (in the Czech Language marked as “Sklad”), filling an application within the catalogue. All you need to do is to look the book up and click on the “Borrow” (PŮJČIT si) icon. Books are delivered from the library stocks into the open access every 15 minutes. In case someone has borrowed the book you are looking for, it is possible to make a reservation.

Extending Borrowing Time: The reader may extend borrowing time for a book up to three times and he might do it so via their account in the online catalogue, via a phone call or via an email. It is possible to prolong only the books that are not being reserved by another person.

Reader’s Account: It provides overview over borrowed books, applications, reservations and debts.

Fees: In case that you do not return the borrowed document in time, you have to pay a fee (CZK 1.00 /day/book).

Types of Borrowings: It is possible to borrow a book in two ways: “Off-site”, which means that you can take the book home with you. “Reference only”, which means that you can only use the book in the area of the library (“reference only books” are labeled with a red stripe on the upper part of a book shelfback). Most of the books may be borrowed for one month, university mimeographed lecture notes for half a year, electronic readers and board games for one week.