How to Print / Copy / Scan

All printing and copying services in the library are implemented by the SafeQ print credit system, uniform for the entire university. Basic information about the SafeQ system can be found here. Every student with a UJEP student chip card has their own personal account in the SafeQ system, into which they can deposit cash via the top-up machine in the UJEP Research Library. You can find it on the 3rd floor of our library next to the food and drink vending machine. However, only registered students can print and copy on the library premises. The ATM only accepts paper notes. At the same time, the machine provides information about the account balance. The unspent amount from the account is returned upon completion of studies by the end of the calendar year in which the studies were completed. The printer is located in the open stacks (3rd floor) in glass room No. 5.21G. Copying and printing with cash payment is only possible at two locations within the university – at PF and FSE faculties.

You can scan documents in our library on the book scanners, which are located in the open shelves space (3rd floor) in the glass room No. 5.21G. Scanning is FREE OF CHARGE. You can send the outputs from the scanner to email or save them on a USB flash drive.

Any questions or concerns can be answered at