DOI assignment

What is DOI?

Doi (Digital Object Identifier) ​​– is a unique international identifier of a digital object in the electronic environment. In principle, the DOI number ensures the unequivocal traceability of a specific document on the web. A doi number can be assigned to a publication, journal, article, book chapter, etc., regardless of whether the document is freely available. Doi is assigned only to published versions of documents. Doi is assigned to specific works by the UJEP Research Library, based on UJEP’s membership in the registration agency (CrossRef). Doi allocation is intended only for UJEP employees.

Doi structure:
A DOI number consists of a prefix and a suffix.
The prefix is ​​assigned to the institution by the registration agency. The prefix for UJEP is 10.21062. A suffix is ​​an arbitrary string of characters that is created based on the institution’s cataloging rules. Doi creation rules ensure that no document has the same doi and thus cannot be confused. Example of the entire doi number record from UJEP: 10.21062/joa.2021.001

DOI Number Allocation Process:

  • The applicant fills in the form with bibliographic information about the document and sends it to the library at the address
  • Together with the request for the allocation of a doi number The library generates and assigns doi numbers to specific documents and informs the applicant about their form
  • The Author/Editor inserts the assigned doi numbers into the final published form of the document. The final PDF document with a doi will then be sent back to the library for final processing.
  • The document is processed and stored in the VK repository. Note: Assigned doi numbers always refer to the URL address of a specific record in the library’s repository, which is part of the book catalog. This is the only way to fulfill the registration agency’s condition of long-term ensuring the functionality of the link and the link to the document. From a specific record in the repository, it is then always possible to “click-through” (download/purchase) the source document.
  • The library registers the assigned doi numbers with the registration agency, thereby completing the entire process of assigning a doi number. Note: DOI registration with the agency is only possible when the online work is already available in the online space, or repositories.

Where to place the doi?
Ideally on the title page of the document, or can be included in the header/footer.

Fees for allocated doi – (paid by the library) $1 per DOI registered (less than two years old) and $0.15 per DOI assigned to older articles (older than two years) The current price list is available at How to find a document with a DOI? A document that has an assigned DOI can be found by making a query at