UJEP Digital Repository

The UJEP Digital Repository is operated on the ARL (Advanced Rapid Library) software platform. It is intended primarily for the storage, long-term preservation, and free access to full-text documents associated with research and educational activities within the university. The repository is a part of the online book catalog of the Scientific Library and is indexed in the OpenDOAR international network of scientific repositories and OpenAIRE. The repository can thus contribute to higher visibility and citation of stored works.

Access to the digital repository.

Repository Goals:

  • To support science and research at UJEP
  • Support open access as a way of disseminating scientific information (Open Access)
  • Saving, making available, and sharing publication outputs
  • Ensuring long-term archiving of documents
  • Making the university’s results visible in the national and international environment

The content of the repository is built in accordance with the principles of the open access policy, (Green Open Access). Its content can consist of different types of documents:

  • Professional publications, scripts, collections
  • Certified methodologies
  • Teaching materials
  • Electronic articles and magazines
  • Dissertation and rigorous work

For publications published or co-published by UJEP, it is possible to apply for the allocation of a DOI identifier, which together with the ORCID identifier enables a clear link between the author and his work. The citation manager Citation PRO is integrated into the repository. It will allow easy creation of a bibliographic citation or saving a record in the manager.

Send information and requests for storage in the repository to e-mail: repozitar@ujep.cz.
At the same time, expressing consent in the form of a license agreement or a statement to the request to store the work in the repository is necessary.
License agreement (authors outside UJEP)
Statement on storing data files in the VK repository (UJEP employees)
It is also ideal to assign a Creative Commons license to the author’s work.

Where to look for other open repositories?
OpenDOAR (Open Directory of Open Access Repositories) – a worldwide register of institutional and subject repositories
OpenAIRE (Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe) – A portal uniting a network of open repositories, archives, and journals that support the open access (OA) policy.

If you want to submit your materials to the repository, please do not hesitate to contact us.
E-mail: repozitar@ujep.cz