Lending Services

How to borrow a book
It is possible to borrow documents in off-site loans (i.e. take them home) or in-person (i.e. only at a place in the library, such books are marked with a red stripe in the upper part of the spine for better orientation). Most books can be borrowed for one month, selected university scripts and textbooks for half a year, and selected documents and periodicals for 7 or 14 days. The maximum number of off-site loans is defined by placing the user in the category:
• Academic staff / other employees – 30 loans
• Students – 30 loans
• External teachers at UJEP – 20 loans

Search for the appropriate document in the online catalog. Click on the name of the desired document. In the table, you will find out how many copies are available, for how long they can be borrowed, and whether they are currently available. You can also find the location of the document here.

If the dislocation (location) VOLNÝ VÝBĚR (OPEN SHELVES) is indicated in the description, note the number of the VOLNÝ VÝBĚR (OPEN SHELVES) for the given document (e.g. J100 2012), by which you will search for the document. The letter indicates the shelf according to the thematic orientation, the first number indicates the subcategory and the second number indicates the year of publication of the document. You can find the books from the VOLNÝ VÝBĚR (OPEN SHELVES) on the shelf by yourself. We will charge the book to your account at the loan counter. Or you can borrow the book yourself using SelfCheck. If the location of the document is listed in the catalog as SKLAD (STORAGE), it is necessary to order the given document via the catalog in the form of a request form. A request form is not created for books from the VOLNÝ VÝBĚR (OPEN SHELVES)! When creating a request, click on the BORROW icon. The request can be sent not only directly from the computer in the library but also from home. We will prepare the book for you within 30 minutes and you can pick it up within 7 calendar days from the creation of the request form. You can pick up the requested book from the STORAGE on the marked shelf in the open shelves and borrow it either at the borrowing desk or the self-service SelfCheck device.

If you do not have time to pick up the requested documents from the storage during the library’s opening hours, you can have them placed in the KNIHOBOX (located next to the entrance of the KAS UJEP office), which is available 24/7 (pick-up times are limited). If you do not pick up the requested book within the given period, we return it to the library and charge a penalty fee of CZK 5 for each unpicked book. You can cancel your request in person at the library, by phone, or by e-mail. If the document is borrowed, it is possible to make a reservation for it. In the catalog, click on the RESERVE icon next to the relevant document. When the document is returned by the previous reader and is therefore available, we send the reader a notification to pick up the reserved book, both by email and in the form of an SMS to the mobile number provided during registration. Users can pick up the reserved documents within 14 calendar days from the day of the notification. After the deadline, unclaimed reserved books are released and the reader is charged a penalty fee of CZK 5 for each unclaimed reservation. It is only possible to cancel a reservation in person at the library, by phone, or by e-mail.

How to extend a book
Most books can be borrowed for one month (31 days). Selected scripts and textbooks for half a year (183 days). The reader can gradually extend the borrowed documents up to three times the loan period, through his account in the online catalog, or by phone or e-mail. Only those loans that have not been reserved by another reader can be extended. Five days before the loan period expires, we send a notification by e-mail and SMS about the possibility of an extension or return. If all extension options have been exhausted, the borrowed document must be returned.

How to return a book
Documents can be borrowed and returned at the loan desk. After presenting your library card, books will be added to your account or taken away from your account. If you do not return the borrowed document on time, you must pay a fee (CZK 1.00/day/book).To borrow and return books, you can also use the self-service lending desk, the so-called SelfCheck. It is located in open stacks on the 3rd floor of the UJEP Research Library. SelfCheck enables full borrowing and returning of documents during library opening hours. You need a library card to borrow documents, you can also return books without a card.

The return machine can also be used to return documents. It is located at the “north” entrance to the library (direction from FUD) and is available 24 hours a day. To return documents, you need a chip card, which is also used to enter the building so you can get to the return machine outside library opening hours (the card reader is located to the left of the entrance door).

Any questions or concerns can be answered at pult@knihovna.ujep.cz